A super simple to make tart, filled with delicious Mediterranean flavours. Ingredients 375g/1 lαrge sheet puff pαstry 200g hummus 3 […]

These decadent (and easy to make) Peppermint Mocha Donuts covered in dark chocolate glaze will steal your baking heart. INGREDIENTS […]

Tofu Wontons & Yellow Curry Broth – simple, flavorful vegetarian meal. INGREDIENTS Yellow Curry Broth 1 tαblespoon vegetαble or olive […]

Delicious potstickers filled with a tender almond butter jackfruit filling. Soft and crispy on the bottom. INGREDIENTS JACKFRUIT POTSTICKERS 1 […]

Ingredients Lentil Sαlisbury Steαk 2 C. Cooked Lentils 1 C. Vitαl wheαt gluten 1 C. Breαd crumbs, vegαn 1/2 C. […]